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Amazing PUREBRED Bernese Mountain Dog puppies that are family raised, inside the comfort of our home, with unconditional love!

Sweet temperaments, intelligent, and very animated personalities!

Selectively bred with careful considerations to OFA Certified Clearances, Genetic screenings, and Pedigrees!

And we are very proud to be a Reputable Colorado breeder who strives for Excellence through the acquiring of:

  • OFA Certified Clearances for Hips
  • OFA Certified Clearances for Elbows
  • OFA Certified Clearances for Cardiac Health
  • OFA CERF Certified Clearances for Eye Health
  • Genetic OFA Certified Clearances of (DM) Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Genetic OFA Certified Clearances of (VWD) Von Willebrand Type 1

These 6 certifications meet the Bernese Mountain Dog health requirements designated by The Canine Health Information Center, also known as CHIC, which is a centralized canine health database sponsored by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) to qualify for a CHIC Number and to help increase quality Bernese Mountain Dogs. We also participate in providing specimen samples and information to Berner Garde for the betterment of the breed that we are so passionate about!

Contact us today to inquire about adopting one of our Beautiful… Colorado Born… AKC Registered Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies!

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Bernese Mountain Dogs and Puppies Colorado


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Family, Ethics, and Values:

Here is a brief overview of us here at Bernese Of The Rockies. Read more about us, our reputable breeder practices, and our dogs by visiting our > ABOUT PAGE

We love our Bernese Mountain Dogs and first and foremost considered them to be a part of our FAMILY!

Our berner puppies and adults get to completely enjoy the beautiful outdoors here in Colorado. They go camping with us, fishing, hiking, and of course we can’t keep them out of the cold winter snow!

We hang Christmas stockings for them, take them to doggy washes, and specifically take them for Sunday cruises around the countryside!

We simply cannot describe in any amount of words, what our bernese mountain dogs mean to our family!

Also we take pride in the little things:

  • We run and operate our own social media profiles such as: Facebook | YouTube | Instagram
  • This website, our videos, and our monthly newsletter are all created by us!
  • No Outsourcing, No Professional Web Designer, No Videographer, No Copywriter

Bernese Mountain Dog Adoption Facts:

  • We do not sell puppies online, to pet stores, to brokers, or site unseen.
  • We do not ship puppies. You visit us in our home with the parents!
  • We do not breed back to back to back and so on. It’s one time per year!
  • We do not breed berner doodles, mixes, or anything else.
  • We don’t have a generic application or form to fill out in the bernese puppy adoption process. We want to talk with you and get to know you so we know our puppies are in good hands.
  • We don’t make you buy special dog food or only serve raw organic food. (Some breeders get commisions from food companies)

Why should this matter? Because being transparent and accountable is important to us. We want to build relationships with our adopting families and stand out from the crowd… not fit in!

Yes this website probably has grammar errors and the videos are not going to win an Oscar anytime soon, but we are being real, from the heart, and transparent! You deserve that in a reputable dog breeder!

Reputable Dog Breeder:

We strive for excellence in our selective dog breeding program. Meaning we carefully look at pedigrees, genetic screenings, and OFA certified clearances before we specifically mate our Dam’s and Sire’s. There are no surprises in our breeding & whelping routine!

Also we know exactly to the minute and date when a pair “Tied Up”, the amount of puppies expected as we do pre whelping x-rays, and the day of birth using the time tested thermometer method of estimated delivery.

We typically have only 2 – TWO litters – in an entire year!

And… WE HAND DELIVER EACH AND EVERY BMD PUPPY! We are actively involved in every moment of the delivery process, as we want to be ready for any complications in puppies breathing, overall health, or mothers wellbeing.

(PLEASE NOTE:) We do not do business with, participate in, give referrals, or have any desire to cross breed our bernese mountain dogs. We believe in breeding purebred bernese mountain dogs only, and will NEVER breed our beautiful berners with great pyrenees, saint bernard’s, newfoundland’s, golden retriever’s, poodle’s, or any other combinations that ends with an “oodle”. This is a decision that we have made for our brand and we thank you for your understanding. We simply love purebred BMD’s.

Colorado Location:

We are conveniently located in Eastern Colorado right outside Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Picking up your new BMD puppy is easy from Denver, Pueblo, Northern Colorado, or basically the entire front range region, via I-25. So basically even if you are searching online for Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies for Sale Near Me – We are always right down the road!

We do not ship puppies! But we can easily meet you at the Colorado Springs, Colorado or DIA airport as you can fly with your new Bernese puppy at usually a cheaper price than shipping cargo to begin with. Your bernese puppy is not cargo anyways!

In Closing…

Well I hope this short introduction helped to establish a sense of who Bernese Of The Rockies is! And please know that even if you live in another state, and you’re just researching the breed and so you’re not looking to adopt a Bernese Mountain Dog in Colorado, That’s ok! We still want to help educate you about the BMD breed if we can.

Even if you decide to start the puppy adoption process with a different Bernese mountain dog breeder in Colorado, That’s Perfect! Maybe you would like some puppy training tips? We would be glad to help!

At the end of the day, it’s not about you or me, it’s about these big, browned eyed dogs that we love so much!

Good luck in your Bernese Mountain Dog Journey! Chris – Bernese Of The Rockies


Bernese Of The Rockies YouTube Channel

Berner School

Berner School

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“They love their dogs like family and care so much about the health and well being of their puppies.”

“Chris and Destiny are a wonderful and selective breeder family. They love their dogs like family and care so much about the health and well being of their puppies.”

Karen - Denver, Colorado

From our very first point of contact, Bernese of the Rockies was there to support us every step of the way with our puppy. It is rare to find such friendly, supportive, caring, and honest services offered so freely from Bernese of the Rockies. They sent pictures, videos, and updates of our puppy each week so that we felt connected and part of the family along the way. I will absolutely refer my friends and family to these phenomenal breeders and will be getting our next beautiful Berner from them. I am so very grateful to have found such caring and loyal breeders.”
Kristen - Colorado Springs, Colorado
“Bernese of the Rockies are top notch breeders as well as amazing people! My experience with them has been nothing short of life changing as I own one of their beautiful puppies as of 3 months ago! They were patient with me as I had to get through Nursing school before committing to purchase a puppy, a process that took of over 2 years. They kept me in the loop through emails with desire to wait for the right time in our lives. I have been able to tell so many people about this breeder as our puppy, Berkeley, is show stopper gorgeous!! I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone interested in investing is a quality Bernese, and dealing with the kindest, most upstanding people I have ever met! Thank you Chris and Destiny!”
Janet - Denver, Colorado