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Our Colorado Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Include:

  • AKC Limited Registration (Full Registration for an additional Fee)
  • Licensed Veterinarian Wellness Health Check
  • Rear Dewclaw Removal
  • Three Structured De-Wormings
  • First Set of Puppy Shots
  • NuVet Starter Vitamins
  • Starter Puppy Food
  • 60 Day Trial AKC Pet Health Plan – If registered by 9 weeks old
  • 1 Year Congenital Health Guarantee
  • PRICE: Pet or Companion $2500. / Show or Breeding $5000.

About Our Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

Welcome to the Bernese Of The Rockies: Available Bernese Mountain Dog puppy page.

On this page you will find our Available Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies in Colorado that are for sale and adoption.

Usually BMD puppies are spoken for very fast. So we encourage you to contact us to be notified for our next litter so that you can be able to bring one of these beautiful puppies home.

All of our puppies go home at 8 weeks old. They are well socialized with children, other dogs of various sizes, and cats. We try to start working with them on leash training, but potty training. takes a bit more time than we have them. We work with them using potty pads, but until they are in your personal environment, we can only teach them so much.

A Bernese puppy like any other puppy need owners and families who are patient. Puppies may bite, chew, soil areas, and basically be a puppy. Training takes time, and usually puppy proofing a home is a good suggestion. Little toy building bricks, electrical cords, and cleaners are not fun for little pups.

But it’s all worth it. The joy that you get from a Bernese is immeasurable. We truly feel that our Bernese Mountain Dogs make our house a home! Our dogs are members of our family. They live indoors with us, and yes they do get on the couch, but that’s what covers are for. We love our dogs unconditionally, and they love us back. Each one has his or hers own personality, traits, and quirks. We love the breed, and we hope that you can also get to enjoy the love from a berner!

In the end, no matter if you adopt from us or another breeder, we are here for education. If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chris – Bernese of The Rockies

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

Watch Our Adoption Video

We take a lot of pride in our AKC BMD puppies and our goal is to educate you first. So in this video we are going to talk about how to adopt a bernese puppy from us.

You will learn our exact puppy adoption process. It’s easy, straight forward, and a win/win situation for the both of us.

So please watch this video by clicking the picture and the video will start playing for you on your mobile device or desktop computer.

And if you find yourself with adoption questions after you watch this, please reach out to me! – Chris

Male Bernese Puppy

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  • #2 Available

  • #3 Available

Female Bernese Puppy

  • #1 Available

  • #2 Available

  • #3 Available

Puppy Deposits

DEPOSITS to hold a puppy or pick position for a Specific litter!

A PayPal Deposit Button will be in this box, – ONLY – when deposits are being accepted!

I do not want to hold on to your money when I cannot guarantee you a puppy! I refuse to take a bunch of deposits when I may be blessed with only 5 puppies.

But I do want to build a relationship with you, and communicate with you for when I do have available puppies that match your desired gender, pick number, and timeframe

I suggest watching our Facebook page for updates as we document every litter.

The PayPal Button is for the required deposit of $200.00 to adopt one of the upcoming puppies! One completed, I will update your pick position on this page! For any questions, please call the breeder – Chris at 719-287-2888

Example Puppy Video

Example Puppy Video

This Page will be updated with pictures and videos of the Available Puppies when the future litter has arrived.

THE POTENTIAL PICKS: The names of the families and or individuals listed are ones that will be Guaranteed a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy as they have placed a holding deposit and filled out the puppy contract, or I have given them my WORD that they will have the opportunity to adopt a Puppy!

  • I typically do not take deposits early. But in special circumstances I have and I will. But usually I wait till the puppies are born.

GUARANTEED CONTACTS: Until the puppies are born, it’s impossible to guess the puppy genders. So as a man of my word, at the very least these families and or individuals will be Guaranteed to be contacted when the puppies arrive.

The spots, picks, or empty spaces mean NOTHING! So even though I may have 4 or 6 available spots, does not mean they are available. Until the puppies are born, these are just place holders.

Please feel free to view the puppy videos from the last litter and view more at our OFFICIAL YouTube Channel.

Our Adoption Process:

Hello everyone!!!

Ok so in case you missed our adoption page, no problem!

I strive for a Positive experience for you and your family!

So here are the simple steps and rules we go by to ensure a positive experience for you and safety for our berner babies:

  1. Communication – Call me or email me to see if we have any available puppies. We get to know each other and determine if we are the breeder for you.
  2. Confirmation – After we have discussed your position in our pick system, I will email you our simple puppy contract for you to fill out, then place the small holding deposit, and email the contract back to me asap to get the process started. The simple contract is just our good faith promises that we will provide you with a healthy puppy and you will spay or neuter your berner at the right age. You are now guaranteed a puppy!
  3. Pick Out Day – For the safety of our Dam and the puppies we invite you to come and meet us in person and pick out your puppy at week 4. This is to prevent anyone from bring deadly diseases such as Parvo into our home which could fatally harm the litter as their immune systems are weak.
  4. Going Home Day – After what seems like an eternity, at Week 8 your new berner baby will be ready for pick up and to go home with you forever.

We appreciate your cooperation in our process. We have mastered it over the years to provide a positive and fun experience for our adopting individuals and families, but to also keep our puppies and parents safe from outside diseases.

And of course if you have any questions about our process, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Upcoming Litter Information

If we do not have available Bernese puppies right now to adopt, no worries. You can view our future planned BMD litters.

You can view them by clicking here > Upcoming Litters

The next Official Bernese Of The Rockies litter will be Christmas 2017

If you find one of our upcoming litters that work for you and or your family, contact us so that we can contact you when we have puppies during your desired time frame.

For us, our Bernese are Members of our Family! We only have a few litters each year as we choose Quality… over Quantity!

Email or Call us today to talk about adopting one of our beautiful and wonderful – Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies